Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising includes signs, light boxes, volumetric letters and other advertising elements. They are installed on the streets - places where thousands of people pass and pass every day. Thanks to the variety, lighting, design and shape of promotional products, they attract customers day and night and motivate them to buy.

Also, outdoor advertising in Almaty allows entrepreneurs to reach a new level:

1. Increase your income.
2. Build trust among potential buyers.
3. Become a recognizable brand, institution or company.
4. Expand your customer base and attract a new target audience.
5. Stand out from competitors in your niche.

Such advertising of goods or services is not considered intrusive. After all, a person will automatically pay attention to a new sign or creeping line. A commercial offer and properly selected outdoor advertising will "force" a person to buy a product.

Types and cost of outdoor advertising

We offer our clients the production of outdoor advertising in various sizes: from street signs to large roof installations. We provide customers with the following advertising designs:

  • Signs that are installed in shops, pharmacies, cafes, companies, clubs;
  • Rooftop units are installed on the roofs of buildings and fixed with concrete and pipes;
  • Volumetric light letters are suitable for drawing up an advertising slogan or the name of an institution;
  • Pavement sign - a stand on which advertising information is indicated: film premieres, an event;
  • Stella, pylons and pillars - stands of various sizes with backlights, which are also used for navigation;
  • Panel-brackets - constructions with two advertising fields, which are attached to the walls of buildings;
  • Lightboxes - light boxes with a trade offer or information about an upcoming event;
  • Metallic or neon letters are used to name companies, establishments;
  • Wall-mounted billboards that are installed in supermarkets, shopping malls or entertainment venues;
  • Firewalls are wide-format wall panels that are attached to the walls of structures;
  • Street information stands and billboards, which are usually mounted near bus stops, train stations, markets.

We also carry out the installation of outdoor advertising so that the client can save as much money as possible, allocated for the advertising campaign. The price of structures, boxes, signs and other goods depends on the chosen advertising medium. For example, neon letters will cost more than metal letters because they glow in the dark.

Order outdoor advertising in Almaty

Our advertising agency is located in Almaty, where we produce structures. We also deliver goods, install and provide a guarantee for purchased advertising media. Our employees also carry out individual orders of non-standard sizes, shapes and resolutions. We will competently design and arrange structures so that your advertising costs quickly pay off and you get more customers. Call or email us to buy outdoor advertising!