Website modernization: what and when is it time to update?

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    Any resource, if it does not fulfill its functions, needs updating.

    The attendance of customers has decreased, and the cost of attracting them continues to grow. This is the main indicator that determines the loss of target audience, which means that the site needs modernization. It's time to start using your source of income to its full potential.

    How do you know when it's time to update your site?

    You will see why you are losing customers:

    • inconvenient functionality, slow page loading, lack of feedback, or the response rate leaves much to be desired, unconfirmed domain, intrusive advertising give rise to feelings of insecurity;
    • semantic content does not answer the user's questions: how to get to you, where to call, where is the confirmation that the payment was successful?
    • repulsive perception, too much text, small print, unrealistic pictures of goods and services - all this undermines the trust visitors,
    • making edits, analytics, metrics require too much effort, program crashes say it's time to consider a more convenient hosting.

    In what cases is a website upgrade not needed?

    Updating a resource is meaningless when the cost of modernization is greater than that of developing a site from scratch. If the replacement of the "engine" (transferring the site to the CMS) is too confusing, then it is better to be reborn with a different strategy, in a different package.

    What measures are needed to update the resource?

    A comprehensive audit is required to fully solve the problem. Experts assess the state of the web resource and give detailed recommendations in the report.

    You have the opportunity to use the services of an agency. - Website modernization top notch for your business. After receiving precise recommendations, tasks are formulated for changing individual elements of the resource.

    Modernization stages

    • Competitor analysis. Sometimes this service is provided together with a comprehensive audit.
    • Comprehensive audit: report, recommendations.
    • Drawing up specific tasks, developing an advertising strategy in the social. networks.
    • Step-by-step implementation of all tasks.
    • General functional check.

    Let's take a closer look at what can be improved to stop losing customers and increase image companies.

    What should be the site design?

    • Attractive - no small print and abundance of text!
    • Simple and easy to use, just like the interface. Usability - this is the quality of the design that allows you to keep the user on the resource: comfort, interesting videos, exciting atmosphere. The time the user stays on the pages of the resource also determines which line your site will be in the search engine.
    • Emotional - if a company of young people is looking for a place to surf, then the site should be bright, perky, with a burst of waves. If our target audience is elderly people who want to rent an apartment in a picturesque place in order to enjoy nature and maximum tranquility, then here it is necessary to set buyers up for comfort and silence.
    • You can add that the design should be selling. In part, you are right, but the design only creates the mood, prepares the client for the purchase, and the purchase itself is made due to other factors, for example, the technical component of the company, the reliability of information, discount conditions, etc.

    To improve the design you need a web designer or a UX / UI designer. UX / UI -design Is the mutual influence of two important design components: UX - technical - i.e. adaptability, user-friendliness of the interface, its safety , UI - emotional - visualization of the project, uniqueness, preservation of a single style and logic.

    Technical update

    - improved performance and page loading speed;

    - setting the encoding of pages, tags, elimination of third-party tags;

    - optimization images, file compression;

    - combining all scripts into a single document;

    - adaptability of the site for mobile devices;

    - elaboration of 404 pages and pop-ups;

    - a possible transfer of the site to the CMS - a more convenient platform for the web resource for making edits, changing the encoding, updating tags.

    SEO analytics

    Search results site is a way to overtake competitors , increasing traffic and increasing awareness.

    At this stage, the following tasks are being solved:

    • Elaboration of tags, correct use of headers. Each page endowed with the desired tag.
    • Correction of links. Necessarily links should be CNC, no numbers, this is important for search engines.
    • Description (title and alt) of images in coding language for Google and Yandex search engines.
    • Semantics ... Collecting the semantic core, i.e. Keyword searches are best done manually, as this is the only way to avoid "broken links". You can use services such as Google webmasters, Yandex webmaster, Seopult, Rush Analytics, just do request to one of the services, and you will receive an assessment of the current state of the site, recommendations for improving it.

    Promotion an electronic resource must be done regularly and carefully, as search engines also change their rules. They can block a web resource if it is oversaturated with "keywords".

    Content as meaningful modernization

    Nowadays, it is easy to find a spelling error even in the top site, so do not neglect the information. Content - this is your answer to the problems of visitors, the client's trust depends on its quality. Content upgrade options:

    • Improving the quality of the text.
    • Its reduction.
    • Evaluation of useful information.
    • Testing for literacy, spam.

    If the site has a blog, then it is necessary to clean it, make sure that the most necessary for the reader is located "at hand". Publication fresh articles will help to interest new visitors.

    The result is a selling route of movement on the site

    After modernization, the site is revived. All of its functions are working properly:

    • attracting clients;
    • collection of the client base;
    • recognition, improving the image and status of the company;
    • increase in profits.

    Now the client makes a full-fledged route through the web resource that you have prepared for him. His eyes are pleased with the design, the convenient arrangement of the buttons, he is happy that there is a "up" button so as not to scroll the whole page with the mouse. Thanks to favorable customer behavior, your traffic ... Everything is perfect, but the time will come for the next upgrade. A person is changing, and with him his needs for web resources.

    In Kazakhstan site modernization specialists are agency employees We are successfully marketing in Almaty taking into account the characteristics of each client, and we build an advertising campaign designed for a stable flow of customers, which means a constant income for our customers.

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