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«Продвижение.kz» - develops sites in Almaty with individual turnkey web design inexpensively from 120,000 tenge in 7 days. Creation of web projects for business on the Internet: landing pages, corporate sites, online stores. Comprehensive services for the development and promotion of websites in Kazakhstan.

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    We create websites since 2008

    We created sites +500

    The turnover was +1 million dollars

    Our clients received 300 thousand applications and requests

    30% clients come from other web studios and stay with us

    Optimal prices
    Optimal prices
    Work under the contract
    Work under the contract
    Terms from 7 days
    Terms from 7 days
    3 year warranty
    3 year warranty
    Refund 100%
    Refund 100%
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    Turnkey website development for business

    The web studio “Продвижение.kz” offers services for the design, creation of resources of any complexity for online stores and the development of corporate websites – from simple, small, one-page landing pages and business cards to large web services that meet modern HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript standards optimized for search, which will give you a huge competitive advantage.

    Website development for business is a necessity for any company. We study the needs of our clients, analyze competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. Your project will always be original, and your design will always be unique. “” – creation of turnkey websites in Almaty and cities of Kazakhstan.

    More than 500 clients have entrusted us with their sites – we have been engaged in the professional production of Internet sites with unique web design and content for over 10 years and the work performed in the portfolio is a confirmation of our qualifications.

    Website Benefits


    Availability 24/7

    Providing information about goods and services, technical specifications, descriptions, photos and videos and other useful content, the ability to download or place an order or conduct on-line sales 24/7 anywhere in the world.


    Increased income

    The increase in sales through online sales will increase the company's earnings.


    Reduced costs

    Decrease in expenses for advertising on paper, decrease in expenses for offices, warehouses, personnel. Reduce labor costs by automating and simplifying the sales and feedback process.


    CRM system

    The ability to implement a customer relationship management system.


    Fast communication

    Communication with remote offices, a single base


    Information delivery speed

    Round-the-clock advertising of a product or service that works continuously. Company advertising - Popularization of the brand, a recognizable image and an increase in customer loyalty.



    Free highly informative feedback and questionnaires, the ability to do a survey and study the demand of potential and regular customers. Market analysis and further improvement and modernization of the product or service. Maintain old ties, and attract new partners for cooperation.


    Modern technologies

    Use of trackers, remarketing, CRM systems, implementation of 1-C accounting.



    The ability to provide services without the real participation of managers, the ability to place orders online.

    What should be the site

    Unique web design

    Modern custom design, no templates.


    Fast loading speed, optimized for PageSpeed.


    Responsive layout for any device and browser.


    The site will work correctly on all mobile devices.


    Availability of convenient CMS such as Joomla, Worpress, 1c Bitrix, Drupal, ModX, Open Cart and others.


    The copywriter will write a selling, unique text.


    Installation of protection against hacking, https protocol.


    Internal On-page search engine optimization.

    Marketing tools

    Installed analytics and metrics, Hotcall and Jivosite services and other codes.

    Corporate style

    We will develop a logo and corporate identity.

    Social media

    Registration in popular social networks, opening accounts.

    Our work
    Создание лендинг-пейдж Saf Group


    Начало работ: August 2021

    Регион: Алматы

    Скриншот сайта:
    Создание интернет-магазина Akgen


    Начало работ: July 2015

    Регион: Алматы

    Скриншот сайта:

    Price from "Продвижение.kz"

    The cost of creating a website from 120,000 tenge in 7 days

    • Цена
    • Лендинг
      120 000 тенге
    • Корпоративный
      180 000 тенге
    • Интернет-магазин
      360 000 тенге

    Satisfied customers, who have already seen our effectiveness

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    Scheme of our cooperation
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    Page prototype

    Site development

    Site development

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    Ready site

    Order website development and take gifts:
    • Free site audit
    • Free activity analysis of your competitors
    • Free express consultation on the tools for promoting your goods or services
    • 50% discount for advertising in Yandex Direct
    • Free customization of contextual advertising
    • Gift, 60USD bonus for Google Adwords advertising