Promotion of a furniture store. How to increase furniture sales?

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    Do you have a furniture store and want to increase the number of furniture sales at times? But, do not know how to advertise your company on the Internet? Order contextual advertising , smm , website promotion furniture store with us, and thousands of people will know about you! On this page you can find out the statistics of requests on the subject of advertising of a furniture store, salon, from a file download ...

    Systems: Google adwords , Yandex Direct ,

    Region: Kazakhstan
    Forecast per day for buying out daily audience (80-100%)

    Clicks (targeted conversions, potential buyers) - 220-230
    Impressions ~ 5300 (80 %-100% )
    Wednesday position 1.00–3.00 place
    Cost per day ~ 1200-4500 tenge

    Advertising and promotion of a furniture store, center, company, plant, factory! Order advertisement