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Контекстная реклама

At a well-known internet portal also has its own contextual advertising system, albeit not as developed as that of search engines. However, contextual advertising to in certain situations may turn out to be even more profitable in terms of price-quality ratio. This contextual advertising on the Internet will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of users of mail and other popular services from, and it is also selective, and shows visitors exactly what they are interested in. In runet, this is not the most popular advertising network, but this market has practically no boundaries, and effective advertising on the Internet it is quite possible through this service as well. We provide this service to all our clients.

Mail.Ru - what is it?

Mail.Ru is one of the largest communication services on the Russian-language Internet, which is popular not only in Russia, Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, but also among users from far abroad. It is a multi-service portal, the main goal of which is to provide its visitors with all types of services that they may need on the network.

Mail.Ru statistics in Russia and worldwide:

- the total number of users visiting Mail.Ru every day - 32 million;

- place of the resource in terms of popularity among users of Russia - 3rd;

- the resource's place in popularity among all sites in the world - 28th;

- the percentage of Mail.Ru e-mail boxes to their total number in Russia is over 80 percent.

Mail.Ru is the most popular resource in Kazakhstan

For many years Mail.Ru has been the most visited portal for Kazakhstani Internet users, and it takes the first place by an impressive margin. Until recently, citizens of the republic accounted for about ten percent of all daily Mail.Ru visitors in the world, but at the moment this figure has slightly decreased due to the increased activity of Ukrainians.

Mail.Ru statistics in Kazakhstan:

- the number of Kazakhstani users daily visiting Mail.Ru (as of July 2013) - 5.839 million people;

- the average number of clicks per day by users from Kazakhstan - 72 million;

- the percentage of clicks on advertisements - up to 20 percent (about 14.5 million);

- the share of Kazakhstani users from all - about 8 percent (third national indicator).

Features of an advertising campaign in Mail.Ru

Mail.Ru offers standard methods of promoting goods and services among users - a variant of contextual advertising, when the customer himself sets the group of visitors (age, gender, place of residence and even occupation) to which the advertising campaign will apply (this process is called targeting) ... Payment is made exclusively for "clicks" - the transitions of users to the customer's site.

Options for placing ad units on Mail.Ru:

- as a text string;

- in the form of a static image;

- in the form of a dynamic image;

- in the form of a text-graphic block;

- as a bookmark in the "mail" or "my world" section;

- in the form of a commercial in the "my world" section;

- in the form of an internal page;

- in the form of a banner;

- in the form of a mention as a sponsor.

Advantages of an advertising campaign in Mail.Ru

In addition to the fact that Mail.Ru is the most popular site in the entire Kazakhstani segment of the Internet, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is also facilitated by the fact that the most popular social network Odnoklassniki is a Mail.Ru Group project, therefore all types of contextual advertising are also extended to 3,836,573 Kazakhstani users of this network.

Other advantages of advertising in Mail.Ru:

- the ability to independently set the campaign budget (in case of cooperation with our agency, the minimum budget is 30,000 tenge);

- cost-effectiveness - Mail.Ru writes off funds only when you go to the customer's website;

- narrow targeting - clicks of users who are not potential consumers of the advertised product or service are excluded;

- all options for placing banners and advertising images do not cause rejection from the user - the content is compact and fits into the overall design of Mail.Ru.

Tasks solved by advertising in Mail.Ru

Due to the fact that the audience of Mail.Ru has a very large reach in Kazakhstan, the promotion of goods, services or brands through this communication service has maximum efficiency. As the representatives of Mail.Ru themselves emphasize, due to the specifics of the age structure of the resource users (most of the visitors are 18-34 years old), consumer goods are especially successfully promoted.

The main goals of the advertising campaign in Mail.Ru:

- promotion of goods and services on the market;

- creating a positive reputation for goods or services, which in turn contributes to loyalty to the brand that produces them;

- popularization of brands or the goods and services they produce - an irreplaceable stage of marketing for young companies.