Launching advanced Q&A snippets from Google

    Нужна консультация?

    A new format of snippets with answers to user questions for sites and forums was presented in the Google system. An example of such a site is the Russian-language service Answers @ Mail.Ru.
    The updated snippet includes a question and an answer wheel. The most suitable one is marked with a tick. In the English version, he was also identified with the Top Answer badge.

    Google believes that this format will help users quickly and better determine which of the search results carries the most useful information on the question being asked. Thanks to this snippet, site owners will be able to attract new users interested in quality content.

    Experts indicate that updated snippets will not run on all sites. Their work is possible only on those resources where there is a special page dedicated to discussing issues. This means that if the page contains just an instruction or an FAQ, the system will not be able to generate a new type of snippets for this information.

    In the Google help, it is said that it is not useful to mark up FAQ and similar pages using QAPage templates - they are completely different types of pages. For the snippet to work, only a separate page with questions is required - otherwise the system will not launch it. This means that in the near future, you should not expect an update of all sites. If the new items justify the advances issued, the developers of Internet resources will take this aspect into account.

    For news, the publication date can be displayed, which makes viewing information even more convenient - to learn about new data, you do not even need to go to the site. However, the date is shown only if it can be useful to the user and is meaningful to him.