Development of banners

Development of banners

Banner advertising is an ad in the form of an image or several changing images. These posts are good at grabbing users' attention and are more clickable than text ads. You can also overlay short text on images, which will increase the number of transitions by 5-15%!

All internet banners can be divided according to their purpose:

  1. Targeted. To attract an audience to the promoted website.
  2. Internal. Used to navigate from page to another page of the same resource.
  3. External. Used to navigate from one website to another.
  4. Informational. Their goal is to tell about a service, product or event and motivate them to make a purchase.
  5. Branded. The goal is to make the brand more recognizable and build trust.

The secret of the effectiveness of an advertising Internet banner is the elaboration of the target audience, an interesting design and catchy text, a headline. There are a number of other factors that affect your ad's click-through rate.

Benefits of banners for advertising

Banners are a view internet advertising , which can be used by any company: even a well-known and large, as well as a young, developing one. It all depends on creativity, elaboration of details and correct settings. Also, advertising images and animations have other advantages:

  • you can choose a suitable resource for placement;
  • the advertiser knows his audience, so he will provide comprehensive information;
  • it is much more profitable to place an ad on the Internet than on a billboard;
  • you can always correct the Internet banner, text;
  • attracts the attention of potential buyers;
  • stands out among text ads.

You can also choose suitable sizes for placing banners. This allows you to tailor your online ad for any resource.

Types of banners

Internet banners in Yandex, Google, Instagram and Facebook deserve special attention. In the last 2 years, these have been the most popular advertising platforms. First, let's decide on the dimensions:

  • 468 x 60 - long banner used on websites;
  • 392 x 72 - also a long animated ad, only with a navigation bar;
  • 234 x 60 - usually posted on forums or social networks in a row;
  • 120 x 240 - standard internet banner for displaying services or goods;
  • 88 x 31 - banner buttons are used at the bottom of sites.

All information about the placement of graphic online advertising is indicated in the links: for Yandex , for google , for facebook and for Instagram ...

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