Google Display Ads

KMS Google Ads

More than two million websites and mobile applications are covered by the Google Display Network. All these services are effective platforms for placing contextual advertising, because the display network attracts almost 90% of the target audience. Google Display Ads show users ads based on gender, interests, age rating, and other metrics.


Any advertising is always a scope and image strengthening. Contextual media projects are effective tools for building a brand, increasing sales, expanding reach of the target audience, and increasing demand for products or services.

Service offer

The company "" configures and places contextual advertising in Almaty Full construction. We develop a strategy, create and visualize materials, conduct an advertising campaign.

Defining a strategy is an important step, for the implementation of which we analyze business, products, competitors and the market. Web analytics is studied, old and existing tools are evaluated. We segment the audience and draw portraits of clients. We work on the principle of deep immersion - we set ourselves ambitious goals and fulfill them.


Most of our clients choose us because we:

  • We create "smart" advertising - with detailed analytics, original solutions and working tools;
  • We achieve accurate targeting - we use Big Data and RTB so that only users interested in the product come to the site;
  • We select thematic sites - we work with advertising and teaser networks;
  • The budget is not a problem: we start promotion with minimal costs and help to scale.

Goals and objectives

We create really high-quality media products that popularize the demand for goods. We organize competent planning according to the set goals:

  • presentation to users of the product
  • increasing brand awareness
  • meeting new audiences to increase reach
  • increase in the degree of interest
  • engaging buyers in the sales funnel

Who is it for

Display ad creation is in demand among advertisers, manufacturers, sellers, and resellers. We help bring a new product to the market and attract customers to the site.


We use all facets of graphic advertising to popularize your products:

  • Development of banners and their placement on large sites
  • Video advertising - videos of any format
  • PR placement - reviews, press releases, image articles
  • Teaser advertising is a bright tool for fast growth
  • RTB - advertising for converting traffic into leads
  • The media complex is a full-fledged company consisting of many methods and tools

Setting up Google ads

  • Step 1 - creating and configuring a campaign to set delivery times and regions
  • Step 2 - adding creatives
  • Step 3 - regulating ad groups
  • Step 4 - setting up audience narrowing targeting
  • Step 5 - moderation and launch of the campaign

Flexible format, regular impressions and wide reach will do the trick - soon the number of direct visits to the site will increase, and customers will come to you themselves.