Collecting the semantic core

Collecting the semantic core

Collecting a semantic core for contextual advertising is one of the first and main tasks facing an advertiser and an entrepreneur. This is a difficult and long work that requires attention and perseverance. After all, a person needs to select a semantic core, exclude zero and introduce minus words, filter out everything. Of course, there are special services for this task, but after these results, you will have to clean up the keywords.

"The success of the advertising campaign and the number of applications from users directly depend on the compiled semantic core."

How does the compilation of a CL for advertising begin?

The first thing to start with is the selection of the central keyword. For example, if you sell phones, then the CA would be “buy a phone”. Typically, central keys are high-frequency queries.

The following steps are equally important:

  • collecting words that accurately describe a product or service;
  • selection of keywords;
  • removal of non-targeted requests from the SN;
  • Adding negative keywords (words for which you do not need to display your ad).

Keywords vary in relevance: low-frequency, mid-frequency, and high-frequency. Depending on the niche, the frequency is determined by the number of key impressions per month. In one niche, 10,000 impressions per month is high frequency, while in another 10,000 is a trifle. The frequency indicator is checked in Yandex.Wordstat and Google Ads.

The keywords also need to be combined with other connecting words or phrases:

  1. Brand or manufacturer name : "", Xiaomi ...
  2. Country, city, region : Kazakhstan, Almaty, Abay district.
  3. External characteristics of the product : color, appearance, shape and the like.
  4. Action word : sell, buy, order.
  5. Service features : free, inexpensive, from specialists, fast and more.

Next, the logical intersections of keywords are compiled.

Already on the basis of this data, Mind map for keywords - a smart map that contains keys, phrases, additions, groups of words and negative keywords. You can also use the classic method - tables in Excel.

“On average, newcomers spend 7-15 days on the formation of a CY for advertising. We will spend 1-3 days, depending on the niche. "

Semantics can be formed using three methods: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. All of them have the main disadvantage - the long collection and cleaning process. In the advertising agency "" anyone can order the compilation of a CY and save wasted time, money and nerves!